Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Better late than never- Thanksgiving

My goodness, how is it so far into December already?? I just can't believe what my calendar (and children) are telling me...a week until Christmas? Really? We have been having a lovely time though, staying busy in that good way that doesn't really ever involve leaving the house except to brave Costco for groceries every few weeks. We had a surprisingly early first snow this year (the day before Thanksgiving!) and they enjoyed every moment of it for the few days it lasted. It wasn't without drama though because we lost power almost all day... of course normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but I'm sure you can imagine the frustration of losing power the day before you are to host your first Thanksgiving? It made for a very busy Thanksgiving morning but everything went beautifully anyway. 

We had (my sister) Eliza and Thomas over and we had such an amazingly wonderful time. Thanksgiving has been a holiday in desperate need of reclaiming for me and this year was just what was needed. Food that the kids aren't allergic to, loving family, lots of laughter, fabulous sangria and apples to apples late into the night. Please let every year be like this one! 

I haven't been able to take down the drink station we set up...it's so fabulously handy and the desk was just always cluttered anyway so now it's really working much more efficiently. We had leftovers for days afterwords and made the most amazing soup with leftover turkey and the broth made from the carcass. Jenny and I spatchcocked it so we had tons of amazingly rich broth thanks to that back bone. I wasn't sure how turkey broth would go, maybe there was a reason people usually stick with chicken (other than price per bird of course)? But oh my goodness, it was so wonderful. I think my new favorite Thanksgiving tradition will be making this soup the weekend after! 

I have so much catching up to do over here, so be looking for more posts soon! 

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