Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Gifts:: Part 1

My little boy is two today! So hard to believe that it has been two years already... Over the next few days (I hope!) I'll be sharing the little gifts I made for him. I also have several little dresses for my Jenny-loo in the works, so there should be finished objects all over this blog within the next week! Okay, so onto the first hat...
I love, Love, LOVE this hat. It's a bit wonky in a few of it's design features but since I made up the pattern (!!!) I was expecting to need a bit of tweaking. He chose the yarns and I am so glad I went for the stripes. I'm not a huge fan of knitting stripes, but they are one of my very favorite things so I knew it would be completely worth it. The pattern makes a simple beanie that fits a head between 20" and 21"; now that I've worked out the kinks I'm hoping to make up a pattern for it, so keep your eye out for that!
He was busy watching me make this, so he got it as soon as it was finished. :)
This is while we were at my sister-in-law's the other day...I think he was making eggs. ;)

Thanks for looking; more to come in the next few days...

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  1. The hat looks GREAT Tilly :-) I look forward to seeing the rest of your creations!

    Lots of love,


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