Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WIP Wednesday:: Sort of :)

With all of the sickness in this house I haven't had much time for crafting the last few months. Add to that a complete lack of interest, and you get a WIP post without any Works In Progress. :) However, whether from spring fever, or all of my de-cluttering, or maybe just taking a creative break, the bug is back and I've come up with a fresh new list of projects, to be started at the first available minute. I thought I'd share the list, and then we can see how the items compare once I've finished them. These aren't exactly in a prioritized order, but they are in the order that I'm the most excited about. ;) (BTW the place-mat love is inspired from Here and Here.)

  1. Set of place-mats-- tan striped ticking, with a pieced scrap fabric border
  2. Set of place-mats-- green gingham with brilliant placement of cluny lace ;)
  3. Set of place-mats-- light blue, with navy blue running stitch border
  4. 3 sets of cloth napkins (unclear on the details until I check my stash) inspired by this post (I like all three kinds)
  5. Curtains for Jenny's room (she's requested green)
  6. Curtains for Anthony's room (I'm using either blue or red ticking)
  7. Snack bags like these...
  8. Bread bags like these...
  9. New bathmats made out of old towels like this...(from the book Handmade Home by the wonderfully brilliant Amanda Soule) as a side note, look at the inspiration Here!
I feel like that will keep me busy for a while at least. :) Now, with any luck by next Wednesday I'll actually have something post about! I'll leave you with This really great idea for recipe storage from Stitching Under Oaks, I want to make myself some as soon as I can get to staples!

Happy crafting everyone,


  1. You have a wonderful list of projects! I need to get started on a list... so I might get *something* done! :)

  2. Tilly....Thanks so much for the sweet, thoughtful comment you left on my blog. You totally made my day. Seriously. And thanks for all the link love over here. Now, your comment name is Mackenzie, but your blog says Tilly....let me know which one to call you by! :) Hope you have fun working through your project list.


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