Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knitting Goals for 2010

I think that knitting goals are about as close to New Years resolutions as I get. :) I am *so* enjoying this week between Christmas and New Year; Joe has been home every day, and we have had lots of fun family time. I look forward to picking this blog back up once the new year rolls in, but for now I just wanted to share my annual knitting goals. Of course I will very from the list a bit, but I mostly want to try a few new techniques. :)

  1. Knit socks--this has been on my list for the last two years, and while I started a pair, I didn't get very far before Anthony pulled all of those tiny needles out. So I will be starting fresh, first with a pair for my Jenny in a pretty purple yarn that she chose herself.
  2. Something with some color work in it. I have lots of pretty things in my favorites on Ravelry, so I know I'll have an easy time choosing something. The trick will be getting my mom to drop everything and walk me through the process over and over and over and over....
  3. Knit for Joseph-- I have been working on a scarf for him for ages, and he has put in a request for half finger gloves and a hat as well. I'm going to try to make them for his birthday but we'll see. I figure I can at least get two of the three things done,with a promise for the third!
  4. Knit for myself! Okay, I realize this isn't a technique, but of all of the things I have knit, I've never made anything that I've kept as my own. My mother in law gave me some beautiful yarn for Christmas and I can't wait to make myself a hat and scarf. (The colors are bright raspberry pink, and a soft dove grey; one of my favorite, girly combinations!)
  5. Knit for charity-- There are so many cool knitting and crocheting based charities that I really would love to contribute too. This one in particular has always stood out to me as a cool thing to be a part of.'s to knitting in 2010! :) Do you have any goals?


  1. Well, my first goal is to finish a shawl I started last Christmas(or maybe the one before that!). It is about half way, now I just need to focus! Second, I too would like to knit some socks. For my birthday I picked up some lovely sock yarn and a book about knitting socks(and the different techniques)...again, just got to get going. I have more sewing goals than knitting goals..but only because I am a slow knitter ;-)

    Happy knitting dearest!

  2. Love the link to the Red Scarf project...just perfect for me...since I can ONLY knit scarves so far!

  3. I love your knitting resolutions! I am trying to finish a pair of socks for my son that I was trying to finish last year LOL I am almost done with the first one. I am not letting myself work on anything else until it is done. Needless to say, knitting socks is on my goal list this year too!
    Great blog!


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