Friday, June 26, 2009

DIY Pedicures!

Pedicures are one of those fun, girly things that I like to do, however I'm not one who wants to spend the money! Pedicures can run anywhere from $35-$80, and that's just way more than I spend on...anything. heehee I would rather spend about $15.00 on supplies and get several pedicures at home. :) Here is a basic supply list for those of you who want to step it up from just a quick polish and run.

Time- About 1 hour
Plastic tub large enough for both of your feet to be comfertable, and about 6" deep
A yummy smelling foot soak or bubble bath (shower gel also works, just something nice and bubbly)
1/3 cup milk (Lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin)
some sort of exfoliating scrub, I like sugar scrubs (you can make your own with equal parts of brown sugar and olive oil)
pumice stone
cuticle oil/cream
orangewood sticks
a nice thick, creamy lotion (there are some really yummy ones sold as foot lotion, but if you don't like those, you can really use any lotion you like!)
clear nail polish (I use Sally Handson, hard as nails)
your chosen lovely color (I really like Revlon and Ice brands)
cotton balls, q-tips and nail polish remover
2 hand towels

Make sure that your nails are free of polish and your nails are nicely trimmed (and filed if you like). Fill your plastic tub with a squirt of your bubble soak, and the milk and hot water. Soak! Enjoy this part for about 20 minutes. :) Now it's time for the scrub, give extra attention to your heals, as well as the sides and balls of your feet! Rinse it off, then go for the pumice stone. If your feet are like mine then it is more about maitenence, and we all know that our heels will never be perfect. If you're lucky enough to have nice heals, then just make sure there isn't any dead skin hanging around. Rinse your feet off again, just to be sure that all the stuff is off. Next, rub in the cuticle oil/cream. Be sure to go all the way around your to nail if you tend to have dry cuticles...not just around the nail bed! Rub this in and let it soak in for a minute or two, then take the orangewood sticks and gently push the cuticles back where they go and remove any built up off of your nail. The trick is to be veeery gentle here, no gouging! Then it's time for the lotion! Make sure you use plenty of it, so that your skin is silky soft. :) Next take a cotton ball with the polish remover and run it over your nails to be sure that there isn't any oil or anything that will mess up the nail polish. Polish time! First go with a clear basecoat, then two sheer coats of your color, with about 10 minutes in between each layer. Allow for 15 minutes before yor top coat, just to be sure! Let your nails dry completely before you go to bed/wear socks/shoes etc. And now you get to enjoy your pretty happy feet for at least a week, if not two! :) Make sure you rub some lotion in every night to help out with your heels and other rough spots. If you don't mind socks at night then a pair of white cotton ankle socks really help the moisture to stay in place! This will make the pumice step easier next time. :) It's not as hard to carve out an hour in the evening as you might think, and it really is a peaceful time, since you have to stay sitting. It's a great time to catch up on your Victoria magazine, drink of cup of tea and just take a deep breath! I have found that it's also really easy to take a break to nurse the baby in the middle of things too, so we don't even have to worry about that... A little mommy time goes a long way, so enjoy!


  1. What a timely post! David just commented the other day, "I would have thought you were the type to wear toenail polish." I don't! I haven't for years! My sister (14) just gave me some footscrub stuff and lotion for my birthday so now with David's comment stuck in my head (haha, I can take a hint!) I need to try this. Thanks for breaking it down into doable steps. For someone like me, the thought of doing this is a little overwhelming!

  2. This is great Tilly! And I even have a little spa foot! I better start trying to pamper my feet :-)

    Lots of love,


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